In 2009, country fans got acquainted with a new trio named Love and Theft who burst onto the scene with their debut hit single “Runaway.” After earning a Top 10 hit with the song, the trio released their first album World Wide Open, but what a difference a few years can make…

Now Love and Theft – consisting of duo partners Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles – is back with a fresh sound and a renewed sense of self after dealing with the challenges the music industry and life have thrown their way. Eric says, “We just look at it as a great opportunity and we’re having fun. You know, we’re fortunate. We don’t take any of this for granted.” He goes on, “We’ve been through a lot – losing a couple of record deals because the label just shut down, you know, having a single just go away in the Top 25 – that was kind of frustrating, but I think we wouldn’t trade any of that for the world because we’ve learned through all that to just keep persevering and to work as hard as we possibly can. I feel like we’re in a better spot now because of all that’s happened to us.”

Helping them make their mark is “Angel Eyes,” the first single from their self-titled album. Eric shares, “The song’s doing great for us and I think it was a good way for us to kind of come back. We both sing lead on it like we’ve done on our previous two singles. Hopefully, it will solidify us as a duo and people will recognize the sound when they hear future songs from us.”

In addition to having a big radio hit on their hands, Love and Theft snagged a spot on Brad Paisley’s Virtual Reality Tour this summer. The duo opens the tour dates on the Virtual Opry stage alongside newcomers Jana Kramer and Kristen Kelly.

Find out more about Love and Theft’s new album, available now, in the video below:


For tour dates and more, visit Love and Theft’s official site.

Image: Jeff Lipsky/RCA Nashville

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