November 06, 2009

The CMA Awards - And The Forgotten Award Winners

Wednesday marks the 43rd Annual Country Music Association Awards on ABC-TV. I'm sure you'll be glued to the sets Wednesday night just like I will be. The CMAs are really country's chance to shine. The award show continues to be a big ratings getter for ABC because country fans are very different from fans of every other form of music. But while watching the awards show, I hope you'll keep an eye out for a few winners that have been relegated to just a quick mention.

Like I said, country fans are different from all other fans. They don't bounce from artist to artist in their loyalty like fans of pop and rock music do. Once you're a fan of someone's music - say, George Strait or Taylor Swift or Brad Paisley - you remain a fan for life. It's like Country music is the NASCAR of all music genres.

But how do those fans get their information about their favorite artists? Still overwhelmingly, even with the changes in technology, they get their music and information from radio. Why do you think on Wednesday you're going to hear those happy winners thank God and country radio everytime? The Country Music Association understands this, and they actually have a way every year of thanking country radio for their help. It's through their Broadcast Awards. Along with choosing the Male and Female Vocalists, the CMA also choose the Small, Medium, Large, Major, and National Broadcasters of the year. And along with picking the Album of the Year, there are also awards for radio stations in different markets as well.

But the problem is that every year, the winners in each of the Broadcast categories are mentioned less and less during the show. More time is given to the performances or the almost-funny chit-chat the presenters do just before announcing the nominees. In fact, the Broadcast Awards are actually announced about a month or so before the CMAs are handed out to the artists. It's like radio is being pushed more and more out of the spotlight. And speaking as someone who's been in radio for a while, it makes me feel bad. But then again, Country is one of the few genres that actually tips its hat to radio, and I have to give the CMAs and ACMs a lot of credit for that.

You might have seen that Kix Brooks just won his first CMA Award not as an artist, but for National Broadcast Personality of the Year for his work with American Country Countdown. When he got the award, he wasn't sure if it felt better than winning his past awards as an artist. He was simply proud of being honored in a different field. And it makes me proud to see those broadcasters win every year as well.

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