October 15, 2009

Much Ado About Smell

When Tim McGraw's new CD, Southern Voice comes out October 20th, you can not only hear the latest from Tim - you can smell the latest from him as well. Tim McGraw is one of several country artists who are dabbling in colognes and perfumes. With the release of Southern Voice, there is now "Southern Blend" - Tim's second cologne from Coty. Tim describes it as "respectful," just the scent for the modern-day Southern gentleman. And it's even got wife Faith Hill's approval as well. Considering how many audience members Tim's had pulled from his concerts as of late, maybe he's looking for his fans to be more respectful?

Tim's new scent follows his first attempt at the cologne business, called simply "McGraw." It's described as a "woody-spicy" scent, with "intoxicating aromas of whiskey." Well, I don't know of many women who find the scent of whiskey "intoxicating," but...

Tim's colognes follow in the footsteps of other celebrities who believe they can make some extra cash from putting their names on scents. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, David Beckham of soccer fame, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and the list goes on. And Tim's not the only country artist with his own scents.

Shania Twain also has two perfumes available through Stetson - "Shania" and "Starlight." I don't know what "the essense of Shania" would be, but supposedly it's very western - with prairie rose, freesia, and honeysuckle.

But when it comes to developing a star's own smell, I believe no one has gone as far as Sammy Kershaw did in 1993. Sammy supposedly wore some special pads placed throughout his shirt while performing in concert. Those pads collected his sweat, and from those samples, Sammy's pheromores were used to make his own truly signature cologne called "Starclone." The kicker is that "Starclone" was intended for women. It never really went very far.

It is amazing to consider how far artists will go to market their work. It's not enough now to simply produce a great album, release it to radio, perform for their fans, and continue on. There always has to be a new way to hook new fans along the way. But please, can we end the desire to smell like your favorite artist?

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(10/22/2009 12:46:46 AM)
About Tims 2nd Cologne, i havent gotten it yet, so i dont know if i would like it or not.But, anything with a Tim pic and name on it, im sure i would buy it or even Scratch n Sniff it (stickers)..:)

- Steven

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