After a whirlwind journey that included eight countries in eight days, 10,000 miles, two cameras, one tractor, one Maasi giraffe and six jackets, Brad Paisley had completed the music video for his number one hit "Southern Comfort Zone." If you get tired by just reading those impressive stats, imagine how Brad felt. The superstar admits, "It was one of the most exhausting and fun videos I've ever shot." Despite its challenges, Brad is "really, really thrilled with the way it came out."

One of the most memorable cameos from the video includes one very outgoing giraffe named Congo. Brad says, "He's a friendly giraffe. He loves the camera. Anywhere the camera went when we were filming, you couldn't get him out of it. He would just walk through the shot, just constantly weaving back and forth. He wanted to be the star of this video and he is."

Look for "Southern Comfort Zone" on Brad's upcoming album Wheelhouse out April 9th.


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