VIDEO: Zac Brown Band - "Goodbye In Her Eyes"

Zac Brown Band's number one hit "Goodbye In Her Eyes" was a song that was years in the making. Zac Brown explains, "Wyatt Durrette and I started [the song] 12 years ago and – we knew we had great parts for it, but it needed a bridge.  It needed some work." He continues, "I sat down not too long ago and wrote with Sonia Leigh, one of our artists on our recording label and she’s a great songwriter. We sat down and finished the tune and put it out."

"Goodbye In Her Eyes" is just the type of tune that Zac really digs. He says, "I love the kind of song that you listen to and starts small and slowly builds and in four bars another instrument comes in and another sound comes in and finally you get this big ramp up to this bridge, this huge bridge where everything kind of breaks open.  And it was fun to get to do that on this song and really stretch out."

For the retro circus themed video, Zac tapped someone very special to take care of the intricate costumes - his wife Shelly. He tells us, "I love my wife.  She’s awesome.  She’s very talented.  I think over the years we’ve really learned how to work with each other and she’s my backbone, you know? But, she’s a talent all to herself.  And I love it when she gets to use that. I know it’s hard sometimes people around who want to talk about me because she’s super talented in her own right."

Watch ZBB's "Goodbye In Her Eyes" from the album Uncaged:

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