VIDEO: Kip Moore - "Beer Money"

You've gotta do what you can to get a little cash in order to have a good time. That's what Kip Moore is preaching in his latest hit "Beer Money."

It's something he knows a thing or two about that back when laying sod was his job. Kip explains, "[I] never want to do it again. I remember being out there a couple of times where we were all laying sod out in a line and somebody misses where they're tossing and it lands on your back in 105 degree weather and you've got dirt all on your back... I just remember that job being pretty miserable, and I hope that I never have to do it again."

Well, with two consecutive number one hits under his belt, there's a good chance that Kip won't have to go back laying sod.

Check out Kip's music video for "Beer Money:"

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