You can't deny the imagery that Kix Brooks and co-writer Leslie Satcher paint with the lyrics of "Moonshine Road," the latest single from Kix's New To This Town album.

The setting is one straight out of Kix's own personal history. Kix says, "I grew up with a boathouse in my backyard on this lake in Louisiana called Lake Bistineau and there was this place around the lake from us called Green Park Camp. And, my father, my poor father [laughs], used to beg me and my college buddies when we’d be loading up the truck not to go to Green Park because either we’d come back with a bunch of crazy girls or we’d be all beat to hell. It was always action oriented."

He continues, "We went back and forth so many times, and most kids did this growing up especially if the moon was out, we would always turn the headlights out and cruise home with no lights on and we’d just finally referred to this stretch of road as "Moonshine Road.'"


Sit back, turn the lights down and take a spin down "Moonshine Road:"


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Without the aid of a video, "Moonshine Road" is a place you can see just based on the descriptions used in the song, and with a tune that visual, Kix usually bypasses the video making process but fate had other things in mind. Kix explains, "I have avoided videos in the past. In fact, I encouraged that we did not do a video of ‘Neon Moon’ just because it was such a visual song because a lot times when you’re doing a video especially if you’re doing a literal type video you sort of take those images away from the listener."

All it took to change Kix's tune was one boat ride. Kix shares, "I honestly wasn’t planning on doing a video and then I was down scouting for a movie on my farm in Louisiana and got in my old john boat and was out puttering around the Cypress trees and I had ‘Moonshine Road’ on my telephone and I was just kind of listening and I started singing it. I had my camera with me, so I just set it up on the front of the boat and started shooting some things. I was looking at the footage while I was out there and I go, ‘Wow, this looks pretty cool.’" The next thing you know, Kix and his film buddies started adding more pieces to the puzzle with additional footage shot in Phoenix and Tennessee. He says, "It’s sort of a home movie. We just kept throwing the pieces together until we got something we liked."

As for the autobiographical nature of "Moonshine Road," Kix admits, "I think this song probably identifies where I came from as much as any song I’ve probably ever written, maybe ‘Red Dirt Road’ [is an exception]. But this song really reminds me of a lot of crazy nights and of course being in Louisiana and playing clubs all the time, there were plenty of crazy nights to be had. I’m not sure if one went exactly like this but there were quite a few that were pretty close that I could call on.”

Nikita Palmer (@RTNowRadio) for Right Now Radio © 2012