Strange News: Life Savings Accidentally Donated in Goodwill Shoe

A Galveston, Texas, man found out at the worst possible time that his wife chose an old shoe to squirrel away their life savings: after he had donated the shoes to goodwill.

KPRC-TV reports 33 $100 bills rolled out of one of the shoes when a Goodwill store employee was putting the footwear on display over the weekend. All was not lost -- or swiped -- however. Richard Lopez says of his operation, "We have policies here at Goodwill. We want to make sure we're doing the right thing."

As such, they set the money aside intending to hold it for seven days. A distraught woman soon came to the store expecting the worst about the fate of her nest egg -- but was happily surprised when she got every dollar back.

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Image: morgueFile