VIDEO: Kix Brooks - "Bring It on Home"

In Kix Brooks' music video for "Bring It on Home," the second single from his New To This Town album, the singer-songwriter finds the road a little lonely without his wife Barbara by his side. The theme of the clip matches the concept of the song well.

Kix says, “‘Bring It on Home’ is really about a guy just gettin’ back to what matters with love.  I always liked the soulful attitude of this song and the kind of natural feelin’.” He adds, “I’ve been married a long time, but when I met Barbara, I kind of had that feeling, because bein’ a musician and livin’ in bars, it was that point, meetin’ her, when, you know, it’s like, I think I may be ready to give up this lifestyle and try somethin’ that matters a little bit more.”

Get a little glimpse inside life on the road in Kix's "Bring It on Home" music video:

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