Strange News: Teacher Caught Cramming Scores of Kids in Compact Car

A South African nursery school teacher taking her students on a trip to a burger joint ended up in hot water when cops saw how she was transporting them: all 19 in her tiny Renault Clio. According to the U.K. Sun, Melanie Minnie was pulled over with six kids in the trunk, "at least three" on the front seat, and the remaining 10 jammed in the back seat, packed so tight their heads were pressed against the rear window glass.

The 19 kids were the second batch of students she'd ferried to the eatery. In the first trip, she squeezed 12 kids into her vehicle. The first dozen waited there while she went back to the school to get the rest.

She was fined around 200 bucks for the incident.


Provided by ABC News Radio © 2012

Image: Flickr/JoshuaHeller