Strange News: Is Snail Slime the Latest Beauty Breakthrough?

An old adage used to say little boys were made of "slugs and snails and puppy dog tails," but at least two of those ingredients are apparently finding their way into the opposite sex's makeup bags.

The Daily Mail reports snail slime -- that mucusy trail left behind by snails and slugs -- has been used for years as a skin cream in Asia, but the slimy stuff is starting to get traction in over-the-counter cosmetics in the U.S. The paper reports a Korean company called It's Skin makes a product called Prestige Cream D’escargot, which contains 21 percent snail slime.

Some insist the components in the slime do for humans what they do for the snails' feet -- helping to repair damage, hold in moisture, protect the organisms from UV rays, and stop blemishes. The claims have not been widely scientifically proven, however, but that's not stopping stores like Sephora and other retailers from stocking the slimy stuff.


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Image: morgueFile