Strange News: Giant Gorilla Goes Missing

A 200-pound, 30-foot-tall gorilla has gone missing, and cops haven't a clue as to who could have snatched him. KATU-TV reports Marty the gorilla, the blue, 200-pound inflatable mascot who has sat atop Spas of Oregon in Gladstone for four years, was stolen late last week by what appears to be a well-prepared team of robbers.

The thieves scaled the 40-foot-tall building, likely using a pair of ladders, says the owner, and snipped the cables securing the gorilla and the compressors that keep him inflated -- a feat that would have meant hauling hundreds of pounds of gear and gorilla from the roof without being seen.

Marty the gorilla was last seen wearing yellow polka dot shorts and sunglasses, and holding a hot tub over his head.


Provided by ABC News Radio © 2012

Image: Flickr/Rubund