Drama? Check. Intensity? Got it. Superstar Carrie Underwood had hopes of capturing those two things in the music video for her hit "Blown Away." Mission accomplished, Carrie.

The cinematic clip tips its hat to the iconic tale of The Wizard of Oz and contains images that Carrie concocted while she recorded the song. Carrie explains, "Whenever I heard the song and when I was recording it, I was thinking about what we could do with it because even if a song doesn't become a single, you always think about what the video could look like. So, I had all these pictures in my head...you know, I loved the whole Wizard of Oz kind of theme - a modern day, darker Wizard of Oz." She continues, "[We] went in and started talking about it and I was really specific about everything I really wanted in there and found the right director to do it - Randi St. Nicholas - and it came together really great. [It's] very dramatic and beautifully shot and yeah, its something I'm proud of." 

The video chronicles the story of a young lady whose single father is an alcoholic with some violent tendencies. Soon, she faces a moral dilemma as a tornado approaches her home...save herself and her future or save her dad?

Watch video for "Blown Away" and find out what she decides to do:


Check out behind-the-scenes footage from Carrie's "Blown Away" video shoot:

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