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What type of sacrifices are you willing to make for the ones you love and the freedoms you cherish? That's the question Keith Urban desired to ask with "For You." The powerful song is featured on the soundtrack for Act of Valor, a film that documents the high risks that Navy SEALs go through to protect their country.

When the movie's production company approached Keith to write a song specifically for the project, he was hesitant at first. He explains, "Deep down I was scared, I was just nervous because I had never written anything for anything before and I thought that it was such a short time to write this song [that] we just [had] one shot at it. I didn't feel good about that kind of creative pressure."

After seeing the film, Keith shares that he was "really moved," but coming up with a song still was very daunting for the superstar. The encouragement of his wife Nicole Kidman helped urge him along. He says, "Nic was great because she said, 'No, I think you should try this. I mean, if they don't like the song, they don't like the song, but you should at least try.'" He continues, "It was so down to the wire that I had to book a studio, assemble a band before we even had the song written... We had Friday to write the song - it was the only day we were all here together - and by the grace of God, it got written."

Keith had a few questions that he wanted to drive home with the creation of "For You." He explains, "I wanted the person who is sitting in their chair who had that attitude about the film - the sort of non-convert to the spirit and essence of this whole film - I wanted to ask them, 'Well, what would you do?  Do you have courage to stand up for what you believe in?' I wanted to pose those questions. So, I thought if I was sitting in the chair, I would [ask] 'Could I do that? Would I do that? What would I do that for?' That was really the spirit of the song to have the listener ask their own questions."

Keith is donating proceeds from the sale of the song to the Navy SEALs Foundation. He says, "Having met four or five of the SEALs and getting to spend a couple of hours talking about their families and the time that they're away - as a musician, I can relate to being away from family, but nothing like that. I mean, that's just a whole other thing that really just resonated so deeply with me because I can't stand being away from my family. I wanted to find out if they had anything in particular that I could just give my proceeds to and the Navy SEAL Foundation exists. They do a lot for medical expenses and health care for the SEALs and their families [and they assist with] educational programs for their families as well, so I just thought that would be a good thing."

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