VIDEO: Love and Theft - "Angel Eyes"

Love and Theft are riding high with "Angel Eyes," the first single off their self-titled album. The duo's Eric Gunderson says, "The song’s doing great for us and I think it was a good way for us to kind of come back. We both sing lead on it like we’ve done on our previous two singles. Hopefully, it will solidify us as a duo and people will recognize the sound when they hear future songs from us."

"Angel Eyes" was written by Eric along with Eric Paslay and Jeff Coplan. Eric shares, "We all grew up in pretty strict Christian homes, grew up in the church, and it seemed like the preacher's daughter or the good girls always seemed to have the biggest rebellious streak in them, so we just channeled that and wrote from that place."

That theme was transferred over to Love and Theft's music video for the song which finds Eric and his running buddy Stephen Barker Liles hanging out with a couple of preacher's daughters who harbor a hint of rebellion. The duo also has some pretty awesome modes of transportation despite the weather conditions. Stephen drives his own sweet '65 Mustang, while Eric is on a motorcycle. Eric explains, "We understand that you don't normally ride a motorcycle in the snow, but we had to film the video that day [laughs] and it was like the only day all year that it snowed, so we did it and it was fun. It was a little bit dangerous but we had a good time." Stephen adds, "But, it makes you even more gangster though that you're like, 'I don't care just gonna ride this bike in the snow!'"

Watch Love and Theft in all their "gangster" glory in the music video for "Angel Eyes:"

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Image: Jeff Lipsky/RCA Nashville

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