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Home Of Darcy's Diner

Every weekday, we're goin' bonkers over the radio taking the order so you can fill your ears with goodies to get ya through the day.  Enjoy it here or have it to go. You can call in or Facebook.  800 457 6647 or type "DarcyCountry" in the FB search.  We serve breakfast and lunch all day!

Go Out and Play!

Darcy asks, "What's next?"

The New York City Marathon was AWESOME!  Next?  It's off to Austin, Texas for a Half Ironman Triathlon.  1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run.  How's training?  Find out more with a call to Darcy.

Darcy hangs out with Brooks and Dunn and Jason Aldean!

Darcy was in the right place at the right time to see these guys... and has proof!

Darcy Interviews Laura Bell Bundy!

Laura Bell Bundy visited the station and talked with Darcy about her new CD Achin' And Shakin', featuring her song "Giddy On Up." Check out the interview, where you'll learn more about Laura, hear cuts from the new CD, and find out all about Cooter County.

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Darcy Interviews Jerrod Niemann!

While Jerrod is new to country music as a solo artist, he's not new to writing country music. Find out more about the man behind "Lover, Lover," and get a sneak peak at his upcoming CD, Judge Jerrod And The Hung Jury.

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Know a WunderWoman?

Is there a woman that surpasses them all?  Does it all get done and then some?  Time to tell everyone about a WunderWoman you know, click here!

Got a dilemma?

Here's what to do... Let Darcy deal with it!  How long is too long to wait for a phone call?  Should I really have to cover up tattoos at work?  Send the dilemma and advice will come in from all over, and not to worry... all are kept anonymous.  Dial it or E it...click here!

The Watercooler

Everyone has an opinion on something, or maybe just advice.  Even if you have an idea on what we can talk about, Walk over to the Watercooler

The Bustline

Did someone do you over?  Time to turn 'em in and BUST 'EM!  Boyfriend stealers, party poopers and whiners at work all apply!

Friday Happy Fun Time

Whatever the plan is for Friday in DarcyCountry, workin' or ridin' around goes better with the radio set right.  Send a shout out and let everyone know where to have the happenins.  Get in the Friday frame of mind (even if you work on the weekend) with tunes to make it move.

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