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What's Up For A Good Country Mornin'!!

You know how good it makes you feel when you help other people? Here's an outfit that makes it as easy to donate and volunteer online as it is to shop online, and we make it simple and affordable for all nonprofits, of any size, to recruit donors and volunteers via the Internet!!

Didn't you always know that Garth would UN-retire !!

If you have any questions about the Swine Flu you can probably get 'em answered here!!

See what you think of the new Cowboy Cassanova video with Carrie Underwood!!

Carrie's good, but most say the Miranda video is better !!

If you're keeping up with Dancing With The Stars you should probably see Tom Delay's video!!

And the Chicken Soup for Your Country Soul's Quote of the Day: "There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them."

Here's where you can see what you missed when you kept hitting that snooze alarm this morning!!

If you're worried about getting the Swine Flu think how these people feel!!

Even if you don't know the person in the spotlight news like this FEELS good !!

You need to build a case for manly ingenuity here's a good start !!

Every 56 days, Charlie has his American Red Cross blood drive !!

Boys, if you think you have a high maintenance woman try comparing her to Brother Jim's wife!!

While it's not as prevelant as it once was, you'll be glad to know that chivalry is NOT dead !!

Ever wonder about the psychological make up of a tailgater ? The shrinks at the Atlanta convention have 'em all figured out!!

You've heard of selective hearing. Maybe Charlie and the High Captain should teach a course in it!!

Compare your man to see if he is as romantic as this fella'!!

What's the first thing you think when you see old dudes driving sports cars ??

More Tomorrow!!

A Mission Statement!!!

When you tune in for a Good Country Mornin', there are a few things you'll want to know up front.

You might not think it's the funniest show you've ever heard, but you're guaranteed to have fun!!

You can trust Charlie, and know that the show will always be "FAMILY POLITE"!!

You'll hear Charlie and his callers offer opinions, but there will be no name calling!!

Just like you and your other good friends do, we'll try to face the music laughing together, but at the same time, feel secure enough to share our concerns and fears about family, country, money, love, relationships, and careers.....everything!!!